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A Georgia native who grew up in the Atlanta area, the city of dreams, movie stars, and opportunities to become the best.

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The time has come for this particular website to end as hosted on Find me on this YouTube channel and at for more coverage about my Life After Release and other issues that related to recidivism, or Life Inside and Out on Check out my profile page Wayne T. Dowdy. See you on the other side of the digital world, StraightfromthePen. Thanks for viewing my posts all of these years if you decide not to follow me on YouTube and Beyond.

Effects of Prison Interview, Part III, by Ms. Begum K with Wayne T. Dowdy-2

April 21, 2023: I am still a work-in-progress as is, which is where I have technically migrated this site; however, I continue to experience technical difficulties and probably need to change my theme, among other things, to get it to work the way I want. Then again, I could always pay someone else to do it, but …. I can’t learn how to do it if I pay someone else to do it for me. Either way, I do hope you enjoy this blog that I posted on April 16, 2023. Please check out the YouTube channel and click to Like and Subscribe to help me find favor with the YouTube algorithm and ultimately began being paid to advertise. Thank you!

This is the conclusion of the three part interview by Ms. Begum K with Wayne T. Dowdy. Please take a moment to like and subscribe to the YouTube channel after following the links to the content below. I do thank you in advance!

In the conclusion, I expressed my views about the overcriminalization in America and other issues, including parts of my life as a returning citizen. My hope is to help others understand more about the effects of incarceration, and the struggles that some returning citizens may experience upon release; especially, after serving a long prison sentence.

Some of the things I share had an emotional toll on me, as I expressed my feelings, but what I had to say was important for me; as well as for others who may need to know that it is okay to be human, and to experience God-given emotions. For men in particular, even those emotions that are not macho. Displaying anger is easier than showing pain or remorse. And for that I am grateful!

Click Here for the conclusion.

If you missed watching the other two segments, here is a link for the playlist. I do thank you for the support.

Miracles Happen by Wayne T Dowdy

I posted this blog on the other I have provided links to my YouTube channel and one to LinkedIn, where I shared about the miracles happening in my life, as well as some of the other things going on in the life and times of Wayne T. Dowdy.

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Life After Release-11

Easter Morning 2023: Happy Easter to those who celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

I’m sticking with the Happy New Year content below that my procrastination and busy schedule did not produce on the planned timeline. I’ve since migrated the content of this website from to for hosting. That project is still a work in progress, as my use of on requires more work and technical knowledge than I have in a sense.

But I live and learn and continue to be grateful for the life I have and my God-given ability to continue to do things that my background would seem to make impossible (never having used a cellphone or personally accessing the Internet until 08/28/2018 (I was online before then with a little help from my friends)).

January 1, 2023

Though this may appear to be late, it’s not because I began working on this blog before the New Year began, so …. it is timely to me because it is still the New Year and the thought remains the same. 🙂

And a Happy New Year 2023 it shall be and continue all throughout the year!

Happy New Year 2023!

My Life After Release continues to be different than I imagined before I left the United States Federal Bureau of Prison on August 28, 2018, thirty-years and ten days after my arrest. But I remain grateful because I am blessed on many levels in the areas that count the most: mind, body, and spirit.

On this First Day of 2023, I spun my wheels experimenting on how to export this website to another hosting service I use: Because I have produced so much content since I began in March 2015, I have a massive amount of media and text to move, some of which I may choose to leave behind as I move on to better terms and conditions than what I pay for on for their premium package. [ is now hosted by]

The good thing in this change for my Life After Release in 2023, is that FastComet provides me with prompt and efficient service to resolve issues I often encounter because of my lack of technical knowledge [FastComet support team did migrate this website with my assistance at dealing with an inexperienced support technician of to whom I suggested to that he learn about the “exporting” function].


Though everything may not be perfect in the World of Wayne, I still have all body parts intact and in good working order: maybe not in the same capacity as when younger but all do function and serve their purpose.

Age has had its effect on me but with my history I see each day as a gift, regardless of what I experience. The changes have been an upgrade for me on most levels; especially, when considering where I began in April of 1995 to learn how to live without the use of drugs and alcohol.

One of the new skills I learned that I otherwise would not have if not for using with some of the features provided through the Premium package I had, is the ability to use Spotify to turn some of my blogs into podcasts, another one of my many experiments with technology.

Podcasts on Spotify | STRAIGHT FROM THE PEN

And of greater significance, is for God using me in ways I never imagined. This embedded YouTube video from A Steadfast Journey with the spectacular, Dr. Micshell Milsap, is the second of three appearances that I have had on her television show. In Revising a Life-10, I include the link for the first time I appeared.

My life after release since the last time I posted in this series, is too complicated to continue in this post, but if you want to learn more you can check out my interviews on the YouTube channel for StraightfromthePen.

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