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The Truth About Crime and Karma

Do people who commit or do not commit crimes, make their choices based on moral or legal principles?  Karma helped me decide the answer for myself.

The logical conclusion for why other people do or do not commit crimes is a little or a lot of both (for moral and legal reasons).

I can only share from my perspective, as no one can honestly say why another person did or did not do something, unless told by that person, and then it is debatable because the truth may remain hidden, even from the spokesperson.  The easiest one to lie to is ourselves.

Having committed and went to prison for committing many crimes and not committing any crimes today, I behave this way because I got tired of Karma abusing me and because I treat others the way I want to be treated.

I do not want someone stealing from me or from my friends and loved ones.

I do not want anyone committing unwanted sexual acts against me or my friends and loved ones.

I do not want someone harming me or my friends and loved ones, in any form or manner.

I do not want to suffer the consequences of my actions, so I let my actions fall within the parameters of what is legal and ethical.

I live within the boundaries of a defined set of principles and concepts of what is moral (ethical) and just.

The laws (spiritual and legal), affect where the boundaries were drawn and affects my decision to stay within the established boundaries, whether I agree or disagree with what the law states.

I changed my life because of Karma, after being in prison for seven years (twenty-three years before my release).  For the first seven years, I continued living my life the way I had lived before being sentenced to prison.  I committed crimes within the prison setting.

Being crafty, I got away with a lot of things that could have put me in the hole (locked inside a small cell for 23-hours per day), for a long time.

What I could not escape was the penalties imposed by Karma, so I changed my evil, wicked ways and learned how to live a more righteous life to yield better results.  Now Karma and I get along well, but man’s laws and penalties had nothing to do with my desire to change my life and to stop committing crimes.


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