FAQs about this Author, Wayne Dowdy

Thanks for inquiring about my writing.  Most people want to know the answer to several personal questions, most of which I have the answers to in my essay collection (ESSAYS & MORE STRAIGHT FROM THE PEN), which may be purchased from http://www.straightfromthepen.com or from your favorite online and offline distributors.  For those who cannot go online, the publisher (Midnight Express Books) will have the books shipped to you for a small fee of $1.50 above the cost of the book(s), including the cost of shipping & handling.

I am sorry I cannot provide a personal response to all inquiries.  Some personal contact is prohibited by prison policies that I must comply with; however, if permissible, I will respond to questions at the end of my answers to the following Frequently Asked Questions:


1) How many books have you written?

A) Four, three published and one soon to be published: 1-UNDER PRESSURE by Mr. D ($6.99); 2-UNDER PRESSURE-MOTIVATIONAL VERSION by Mr. D ($9.99); 3-ESSAYS & MORE STRAIGHT FROM THE PEN ($10.95). For the eBooks, the reader sets the price at my authors page on Smashwords.com (https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/WayneMrDowdy).  The default price is $4.95 each from other sources.

2) What is the difference between UNDER PRESSURE and the Motivational Version?

A) The Motivational Version contains “The Story Behind the Novel” and two chapters from the sequel (UNKNOWN INNOCENCE). I added “The Story Behind the Novel” to inspire and assist the aspiring writer by showing how I managed to put the book in his or her hands, and by listing several writer’s tools available for those fortunate enough to purchase them. The setting in UNDER PRESSURE is the U.S. Penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kansas, and even though the plot does concern the murder of a prisoner and scenes of violence, the novel offers the reader much more than prison scenes and events.  It shows the life of the main protagonist before and after prison, and also enlightens the public about some of the draconian conspiracy laws and shows how easy it is for someone to end up in prison for a drug conspiracy.

3) Have you been published in magazines?

A) Yes. In print, THE SUN magazine published several clips I wrote in response to various topics, as well as an essay I wrote for their “Readers Write” column. In August of 2008 they published what I wrote for the topic of “Up All Night.” The ICONOCLAST magazine published two essays: “Fences” and “Fence Rows,” both of which I included in the essay collection. CONFRONTATION magazine published my essay, “State of Affairs” as a Letter to the Editor. I’ve been published several other times under the pseudonym of Wayne D. Online, PrisonLawBlog.com and PrisonEducation.com published several things I have written to educate and inform my readers. Those publications may now be read on my blog (https://straightfromthepen.wordpress.com).

4) Were you a politician?

A) No. When researching who I am, if you add the “T” for my middle name, volumes of things will come up that I have had published.  I was in a state prison when I first heard about the Honorable Wayne Dowdy, who is a politician from Mississippi.  By adding “Wayne T. Dowdy” to your favorite search engine, it will allow you to yield numerous results.  Reading ESSAYS & MORE STRAIGHT FROM THE PEN will tell you a lot about my interest, beliefs, and convictions.  Most who have read it commented that it contained a lot of wisdom, and some stories that make you laugh, others that are sad, but well written.  It contains events that show the damage of incarceration on society and individuals trapped in the vicious cycle of imprisonment and recidivism.


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