Welcome to my life

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Get it uncut, uncensored, and in true form: This comes straight from the pen, literally and figuratively; words that escape the thick walls, bars and fences, lined with rows of sharp and shiny razor wire, designed to slice and dig deep into the flesh of anyone who dares to cross the guard line to venture into the real world, beyond the horizon but difficult to reach.

The words contained inside this wave of the Deep Blue Web, provides readers with a peek into a part of life where millions of people found themselves chained and bound to a past they wished to forget; other words give hope of better days, a better life.

And then there are those inside who drool upon remembrance of dirty deeds done that demanded payment with their lives.

That is not me. I dream of one day living a respectable life as a free citizen, of one day being a productive member of society in penance of the damage I caused living the thug life. Prison experiences vary from prisoner to prisoner.

Welcome to life inside the American federal prison system. I will express my views from an open, honest, and straightforward perspective, with words that flow straight from the pen on diverse topics and issues that concerns the human experience.

In corrections, I am an inside expert. I began serving a thirty-five year federal sentence of imprisonment on August 18, 1988 for Conspiracy to Commit Armed Bank Robbery, Armed Bank Robbery, Abduction of a Person to Facilitate Commission of an Offense, and Use of a Firearm During the Commission of a Crime of Violence. Read ESSAYS & MORE STRAIGHT FROM THE PEN to learn more about my life that lead to this prison sentence.

Essays originally appeared in the PrisonLawBlog.com (PLB) and PrisonEducation.com (PE):
(PE), May 2013: “Education, the Prisoner, and Recidivism”; (PE), Feb. 2014: “Fighting for Rights to Write”; (PE), Aug. 2014: “Social Media for Writers”; (PE), Sept. 2014: “Life from “F”s to “A”s”; (PLB), Oct. 2014: “An Inside View of the Criminal Justice System”; (PLB), Nov. 2014: “The Truth About Incarceration, Part I”; (PLB), Nov. 2014: “From Where Do Writers Root.”


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